Production and customisation software
for labels and badges



Business cards, access cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, e-cards

System I-Color will help you design your badge templates

Simplicity and Performance

Ergonomic and intuitive interface
Standard and customisable print formats
Management of technologies associated with the print media RFID, Mifare, HID ...
Compatible with all printing and coding peripherals
Multi-language version (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic)

For greater security and mobility, System I-Color 8 is also available on dongles.

Expertise in technology

Multi-technology management of encoding for your badges, tags and more


     QR Code
Magnetic Encoding
Chip Encoding
    NFC Tag


Send a virtual badge to your smartphone using System I-Color 8.

Create and transfer your cards to the mobile devices of your employees, members, guests and visitors.

Integration of your projects

System I-Color 8, a program designed to meet your requirements

  Interfacing and synchronisation with your data repositories (directory, messaging, access control, human resources, catering, etc.).

  Integration of specific information processing modules and encoding...